My Take: How my family were in self-isolation

COVID-19 also known as Corona Virus is a huge crisis around the World. I imagine that a lot of you will have to be isolated, but is it really that bad?

First we were told to self-isolate
My family and I had to self-isolate for fourteen days as per the NHS guidelines, as someone in my household developed a cough. When I found out that I was being isolated I was not very worried because I had trust in Allah.
Our wonderful Huzoor (aba) has prescribed homeopathic medicine to the Jama’at. My family were also helping me by comforting me.

Then my school closed indefinitely
When my school closed indefinitely, I was starting to feel more concerned, because I have a lot of important things coming up such as my Year 6 SATS and the last day of Primary School. I did not want the last memory of Primary School to be something that I was not even ready for, as I missed the last three days of School as I had to self-isolate.
Even though I was upset about my School, I tried to think about what things I could do at home. To save myself from boredom and wasting time, I decided to make a plan for the week, so I would know what to do every day. I organised my time and had a set break for snacks and lunch. I still made sure that I did some exercise by following a workout recommended by my School. I still needed to devote some time to Education and my School set up Google Classroom to ensure I spend approximately two hours of work each day. 
I love sports, so I play cricket in my garden so I can get some fresh air. All these things that I have shared with you, are the reasons why I have fun and I am happy.

What should we do?
We should all ensure that we do not panic and follow the instructions of our beloved Huzoor (aba), the Government and our parents. We should use this extra time at home to spend with our families and to focus on praying to Allah the Almighty to keep us safe. We have had to change so much in our daily lives, many events have been cancelled including our Ijtemas, but we should show patience and obedience to support our parents and families.
By: Ibrahim Ayyubi (Age: 11), Wallington. Baitul Ehsan Region
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29th March 2020