My Take: The Petrifying Pandemic

When we heard news that a virus had broken out in China we were not worried. We did hope it would be cured but we never suspected it would go from being a scary epidemic to a petrifying pandemic. When I first heard someone in my school was infected I had an ominous feeling that stuck in my head. Days past and hand gels and sanitisers were passed out; people carried bottles of it. By another week the school gave us work to do at home as our school was closed because of this frightful virus.

Nowadays at home no one is seen outside, the only place you’ll ever find anyone outside are the shops with carts filled with essentials. Most shops have barren, desolate isles stripped of it’s items and things. At times like this we should be praying for family, friends and especially Huzooraba. May Allah keep everyone safe from this deadly virus . Ameen

By Raza Ahmed Zafar Mirza, 12, Worcester Park

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29th March 2020