MY TAKE: I enjoy the online Atfal Quiz!

When 2020 started, I didn’t know the words pandemic, immunity, lockdown and isolation, but now I hear them everyday. 

The coronavirus is spreading in the whole world. Our school is closed , we can’t  go to the mosque, our Waqf e nau Ijtema has been cancelled. We can’t plan an  outing even  if the sun is shining bright. This is all so surreal!

I offer prayers at home with my family and do my school work. I am trying to participate in all the online Atfal activities. The Kahoot quiz last week was so fun. I am trying to learn new duaas. 

My extended family  lives in different countries and we  call them more often than  before to ask about their well being. 

It is a challenging time. All of us should follow the instructions of  our beloved Khalifa ( ATBA) and make Namaz n dua the most important part of our life.

By Fareed Ahmed, 6, Baitun Nur Region

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02nd April 2020