Lockdown: Quran-time in Quarantine

Corona has come, everyone is in bed.

Laying down – is how I am fed

Maybe if I get up, and set a goal

I can achieve something and benefit my soul

I understand gaming might be your passion, or getting extra hours of sleep or even just spending time on your phone. However, we must also try and make our days more practical during this lockdown.

Sleeping and waking at the right time

If you wake up late, and half an hour in, you lay back down – practically half of the day to be productive is already gone and more will just continue to be wasted. So, it is all a mind game; make sure that when you wake up, you wake up fully, get dressed into appropriate working clothes and be in that mind-set of just a normal school day. By this, we can achieve much more. Moreover, just by changing our sleeping habits, everything could change. Sleep early, wake up early, get more done!


Now, it is also important that we fit in a good amount of exercise into our daily schedule as well. Nowadays, as we are all indoors all the time, many are asking how it is possible to continue with physical activity during the lockdown.

Well, so far, one form of exercise has still been allowed outside – be it a walk, jog or a local bike ride. But, we know that there is no limit at all on how much physical activity we can do in our back gardens or even indoors maybe. In fact, it is necessary to do this. Try make a challenge, set a goal and then work for it. What about, for example, starting with 5 push ups a day and working your way up until you become the best?

More Ideas

Here is just a further quick sketch of ideas that you could try maybe – learning a new language, practicing a new stunt, reading a novel, helping your parents out around the house and many more!

Most importantly, Quran-time

Most importantly, we must get the religious aspect in as well. Make sure you read the 5 daily prayers. Change this quarantine to Quran-time. Read an interesting Islamic book maybe. And we must not forget about writing regularly to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (may Allah strengthen his hand).

Let us work together to make the most out of this time and achieve something from it. It is all about setting the high goals then working for them. How good would it be to positively look back at quarantine, and then thinking about how many life-changing goals we achieved for the better? May Allah make it easy for us. Ameen.

03rd April 2020