MY TAKE: How life changed after the lockdown


I am 13 years old with your average life, I had fought long and hard to get a job as a paperboy which I started after the National Atfal Ijtema 2019. I would wake up at 6 am and usually get back by 7 am to shower and get ready for school. Because of this, I had to sleep earlier than usual. It was a hard but good routine. I enjoyed going to school and meeting my friends and enjoyed lessons too.

I was doing well in school and I had moved up a set in 2 subjects so I must have been putting extra effort in. I was listening to the news the past few weeks and there was a small worry at the back of my head. What if the virus spread from China to the UK? I always thought the government would be one step ahead, but I was wrong.

Did I have COVID-19?

The week commencing the 9th of March was a busy week with school appointments and I was feeling very run down and under the weather, I kept asking my mum to check my temperature and I often said, “I hope I don’t have corona!”

She kept laughing it off and telling me I was fine. However, I wasn’t too well on Monday the 16th and I took a day off from school but after that my schools were closed until further notice. I was a little relieved as I wanted a break from school, but I had no idea that this break would be a very long one. I started missing my friends and even missing my routine within a few days. I think when I heard that it would be a long break it hit me.

My Life at Home

There is no comparison to an online Google lesson and a real-life school lesson. You learn so much more in class than you do online. There is only so much chatting and video calling you can do with friends but in the end, it is your family around you that is there for you and entertains you.

Some activities that I am involved in.

  • Basketball with My Brothers
  • Carum Board 
  • Exercise Hour 

So, it’s not so bad now that we have a semi-routine going. We pray together before everyone was very busy in their own lives and routines. Now Alhamdulillah we are praying in congregation.

I hope and pray that we can benefit from this lockdown in every single way.
Tauseef Chaudhry
13 Years Old
Tolworth- Qiadat
03rd April 2020