My Take: No school, no toilet paper & no fun

Does anyone remember March 18th? Did we all go “YAAAAY”, when we heard that schools will be shut in two days? No more getting up early, school uniforms or rush hour traffic. We could go back to bed after Fajr and have a long lie in.

But it hasn’t turned out to be much fun, has it? We all know about the panic buying and toilet paper crisis (JUST USE A LOTA PEOPLE!!!) We don’t have a history of lockdowns – what happened for Covid-1 to Covid-18? If only we knew!!! 

I have been stuck at home twiddling my thumbs, watching TV and reading books. Atfal classes keep us informed and help our education. Homework sent from school needs to be done. Oh, and one thing I discovered in sheer boredom? There are many children’s audiobooks available free on the net, and they are wonderful to listen to. They are relaxing and most importantly help avoid my iPad being confiscated. 

The Solution

On a serious note, the speeches and Khutbas of Huzoor have given us a very good understanding on how to deal with corona virus. He told us to listen to the governments’ advice and follow it. He also told us to keep a healthy life and a clean home. We should be hygienic all the time, and Huzoor told us that a Muslim keeps himself clean by doing Wudhu at least five times a day. Huzoor also told us to use handwash if the sanitisers aren’t available. Use handkerchiefs or tissues while sneezing. Huzoor kindly prescribed us some homeopathic medicines.  

We are also told that the Holy Prophet (SAW) advised people not to go out of a place which is affected by a pandemic and not to go in as well. He also told us how to take care of ourselves when we are in contact with people who have the disease. Is it a surprise that the WHO and governments around the world are practically repeating the words of our master Muhammad (pbuh) 14 centuries later?

Finally, Huzoor reminded us about the most important thing. Connection with Allah and sincere prayers. It’s only these that can keep us truly safe, if combined with all other instructions. Let’s all pray for our beloved Imam, our families, Ahmadis and the rest of the world as well as ourselves. Let’s all hope and pray that we become friends with Allah through our obedience and prayers, by the time this pandemic is over.

By Salik Ahmad, 10, Muqami Region

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05th April 2020