MY TAKE: How I’m spending time in Lockdown

In the beginning of school closure, I went outside and did some sports such as jumping on the trampoline and playing cricket with my sisters, as the weather was sunny. I also drew on the walls and floor outside with colored chalks. Doing activities like this outside is healthy for you and you can have fun at the same time. Going outside lets in natural air but just make sure that the weather is alright.

I also did art such as making an encouraging poster for the NHS. During this time, we should also do work to gain knowledge and to not fall back in our studies. For example, my teacher has set me schoolwork on google classroom. Therefore, I take time out to do my work every day. I read the Quran every day and I am memorizing the last part of the Holy Quran. I watch MTA and some other interesting TV programs. I also offer Namaz in the congregation.

We should also keep healthy by strengthening our immune system. To do this I eat fruit every day and exercise to keep me fit. This includes taking care of our cleanliness. To keep myself clean I do ablution (Wudu) before every namaz and wash my hands before and after every work.

Honestly, I don’t miss a lot while at home but the only thing I miss is going to Islamabad and offering prayer behind beloved Huzur.

By Aliyan Ahmad Raja, Islamabad Region

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06th April 2020