MY TAKE: What’s an Atfal to do in lockdown?

We have all experienced the social impacts of coronavirus outbreak on our daily lives. With schools shut and with the government instructing us to stay home, it can be difficult to getting used to being in a lockdown. So what can we do at home? Or, more importantly, what can we as Ahmadi Muslims do at home?

Firstly, I would suggest making a schedule for the days ahead; this would give you an opportunity to think about what you would like to do during the whole day and how to utilize the time. Dividing your day structurally and constructing a schedule improves organizational skills and will most certainly help you in the future, as it is a vital skill- InshAllah.
Use this time wisely to attain nearness to Allah and learn more about your religion and what it means to be an Ahmadi. I would also suggest making a notebook to write key points from the Friday sermons of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his helper). There is a Friday Sermon Challenge run by MAAUK, which I have found to be extremely helpful as I can keep a record of past sermons and share my knowledge with others. Also, there are online events (organized by MAAUK) which I have found to be enjoyable, such as: Atfal Kahoot Night, National Talim Classes, online Atfal Live Workout, and Let’s Talk sessions.
Additionally, you might also like to start a new hobby such as gardening, doing a DIY project at home (as appropriate for your age), or even writing. For example, recently I made a birdhouse for my pet budgies by collecting twigs and sticks from outside, chopping and filing them down and then using a glue gun to join them. It was really fun to do something creative and different that didn’t involve technology such as computers or mobile phones. It is also a great idea to do some form of exercise every day at home to make sure that you are healthy.
I hope and pray that Allah keeps us safe and well, and that we use this time to align our intentions and morals to that of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Ameen.
Sajeel Shah (14 years) Lower Morden Jamaat
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07th April 2020