How To Read Juma at Home during Lockdown

Hudhur’s Instructions:
In his short address on Friday the 27th March our beloved Hudhur told us that: 

Ahmadi Muslims should continue to offer their Friday prayers within their own homes in the countries where governments have asked people not to go to religious services.

So what benefit is there to this command?

Well Hudhur said:

This would enable us to fulfil our religious duties it would also enable Ahmadi Muslims to increase their religious knowledge, whilst preparing sermons to deliver within their homes.

Juma at home: what should you do after the first Azan?
At this point everyone should be pray their 4 Sunnah. So one should come on time so he can pray these without rushing.

Later, the Imam will stand up and start the Khutba or address. He should begin with Tashahhud Tawwuz (the Arabic, you can look this up in Salat, the Muslim Prayer Book) then will read from Haidth, malfuzat or any excerpt of The Promised Messiah.

How should the Imam prepare for the Khutba?
Hudhur advised us to use Malfuzat (from the compilations of the sayings of The Promised Messiah) and from other writings of The Promised Messiah, from Al-Fazl newspaper, Al-Hakam, or from any books or magazines of the community. There is no fixed rule for this this.

What should you do after Khutba?
As per the practice of The Holy Prophet the Imam will lead in two Rakaat Namaz in which he should read and recite Surah Al Fatiha and Tilawat out loud.

09th April 2020