MY TAKE: How to take use our time in lockdown

We have been told by the government to stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to leave. Children and teenagers are using this period to spend more time playing PS4, X-box and other recreational items for their own benefit. 

As we all know, TV and Video games may be entertaining however, it does have negatives effects, such as back pain, neck pain and damages to your vision. I have also noticed that most of us do not get enough sleep. According to the NHS, this leads to negative effects such as lack of concentration and in some cases depression. Clearly this will cause you to digress from your academic or religious work. 

How shall I spend my time in Quarantine?

We can use this free time to develop or attempt a new hobby. You could try learning a new language or study the translation of the Quran. It will keep you busy and motivated instead of being in bed all day- it is an excellent way to kill time throughout the day. 

In conclusion in this unprecedented situation, I think that Allah has given us a crucial opportunity to get closer to Him and become better people physically and spiritually. 

by  Krischan Haq

16th April 2020