Junior Journos: Lesson 2 (Atfal Trainee Scheme)

Competition Winners: 

Best Week One Homeworks – Faran Afzal & Nur Ud din Jheengoor

Funniest Line From Any Homework – Danyal Minhas who writes:
First of all, It is necessary for water to be in your waste as it prevents internal bleeding in your intestines and makes it more calming to poo and quicker to get out the toilet.

Lesson 2: Format & Presentation 

Week 2 Homework

  • Write another 100-200 words on a subject of your choice
  • Use the rules you learnt in Lesson 1 and the formatting and presentation you learnt in Lesson 2 
  • SEND TO: [email protected]
  • Make sure you clearly include your name and ID Code in the email
  • DEADLINE: 6pm on Tuesday
  • The best article(s) will be published on the Tahir Magazine website
23rd April 2020