MY TAKE: The first time I met beloved Huzoor

When I was waiting in the meeting area my heart was pounding very fast because I was very excited to meet Huzoor because I’ve only seen him on TV.

When it was my turn and my family walked in his room and looked at Huzoor and his face was much brighter and had Noor on his face. You can just tell how special he was. Then Hazoor had a discussion with my family and me. We told him that we came from South Africa to Attend Jalsa Salana. Then we had a picture with Huzoor and Huzoor held my hand tight that was probably the best moment of my life. 

We should be grateful that we stay in a country that we can see and meet Huzoor. There are some people who can’t. So we should obey and listen to all Friday sermons and pay close attention to him and be grateful.
Waleed Ahmed, from the Atfal Trainee Scheme’s Junior Journalist Course  
24th April 2020