Junior Journos Lesson 4 (Atfal Trainee Scheme)

This week we will take all the information we learnt in previous weeks about preparing and presenting a news story and add to that information on how to use sources of research. 

Homework Competition Winner

Well done to Bilal Bonsu, who won this week.
The winners in previous weeks had been Sheraz Ahmad,  Faran Afzal & Nur Ud din Jheengoor.

Using Research as a Source

  • Find information in a reliable, trustworthy and authentic source
  • —That could mean a book, a dictionary, a reliable newspaper, a public document, an authoritative website etc.
  • —Wikipedia is not a trustworthy or reliable source
  • —The Review of Religions magazine, Huzoor’s press office website, the UK government website, information pages set up by university professors or other genuine experts are all good sources
  • —You don’t usually give essay-style references in news
  • —Instead you just mention where your research is from
  • —For example, you might write: “In a press statement issued on Thursday, beloved Huzoor was quoted as saying…”

Week Four Homework

  • —Write another 100-200 words on a subject of your choice
  • —Use the writing rules you learnt in Lesson 1
  • —Use the presentation style you learnt in Lesson 2
  • —Write in the News style we learnt in Lesson 3
  • —Use a minimum of two research sources as learnt in today’s lesson
  • —DEADLINE: 6pm on Tuesday
  • —The best article will be published on the Tahir Magazine website
07th May 2020