RAMADAN: Reading in the holy month

When Ramadan started I wanted to read an insightful book, so my father gave me ‘Ahmad the Guided One’ by Iain Adamson. The book is a biography about the Promised Messiah as.. It covers The Promised Messiah’sas mission to unite all religions and his life, from being 40 days in solitude and participating in conferences and debates.
Admason was a Christian follower of the Protestant Church of Scotland. He first came in contact with Islam when he was 18 year sold soldier for the Malay Regiment in Malaysia and ever since he had his first encounter with Islam he beleived in freedom of worship.
Reading this book gave me great joy as I learned more about  the  Promised Messiah as  and his life as well as his ancestry. The book taught me more about the early history of Ahmadiyyat and it’s blessed followers.   
I highly recommend this book if you want to learn more about  The Promised Messiah’s as  life and his ancestry as well as the early history of ahmadiyyat.
By Musa Ahmad, Junior Journalist from the Atfal Trainee Scheme
07th May 2020