MY TAKE: Meeting Huzoor in Bradford

Beloved Huzoor graced Bradford Jama’at with his presence for the inauguration of Al Mahdi Mosque on 7 November 2008. I was only four at the time but I can clearly remember the events that took place. 
I was standing with the rest of the children in a line at the main entrance. One by one, Huzoor’s cars came into the main entrance. This was the first time I had seen Huzoor Aqdas. I was very nervous. Huzoor then inaugurated the mosque and led the Jama’at in silent prayer.

After this, Huzoor Aqdas gave an address. During the address, I remember that the children were sent to the main mosque and were once again organized into a line. We were told that beloved Huzoor would be coming to the main mosque. When Huzoor did come, he met every child and gave them a chocolate. The proceedings ended with a group photo with beloved Huzoor.

I am now fifteen but I still remember the time when beloved Huzoor came to give me a chocolate when I was four. Huzoor’s love for every member of the Jama’at even exceeds the love of parents.

By Sheraz Ahmad, Junior Journalist from the Atfal Trainee Scheme

08th May 2020