Junior Journos Lesson 5 (Atfal Trainee Scheme)

How to use interviews to add to a story – find out in this week’s Junior Journalist course!

Homework Competition Winner

Well done to Nur Ud din Jheengoor, who won this week and became the first person to win the competition twice, masha’Allah.

The winners in previous weeks have been Sheraz Ahmad,  Faran Afzal & Bilal Bonsu.

Interview Techniques

—Do your research before your interview so you are properly prepared with proper questions
—Ask open questions so you don’t get ‘Yes/No’ answers
—A good way is to say ‘Tell me about…’
—Try to keep it conversational where possible as relaxed interviewees tend to give better answers
—Don’t interrupt too much, give the person your interviewing a proper chance to speak
—Record the interview and take notes so you can quote it correctly later

Week Four Homework

  • Write 200-300 words on a subject of your choice
  • Use the writing rules you learnt in Lesson 1
  • Use the presentation style you learnt in Lesson 2
  • Write in the News style we learnt in Lesson 3
  • Use research sources as we learnt in Lesson 4
  • Use a minimum of two interviews as learnt in today’s lesson
  • DEADLINE: 6pm on Tuesday
  • The best article will be published on the Tahir Magazine website

14th May 2020