SPORT: The night Barcelona shocked the world

With sport currently cancelled, Tahir Magazine looks back at some of the most memorable football matches of recent years. We continue the series with this Barcelona epic.

The date is 8th March 2017. Grown men were crying, while for others it is a nightmare. It is the date of one of the greatest comebacks the football world has ever seen.

Barcelona made Champions League history by recovering from a 4-0 deficit to beat Paris St-Germain in the second leg.
In the third minute , a cross by Rafinha to Luis Suarez whose header beat the keeper. 
Right after the second half starts Neymar drives in on the left wing and gets knocked over for a penalty. Messi takes the run up and a bullet of a shot goes in the goal. That made it 3-0. 
With just an hour of the match done Cavani does a superb volley into the top corner. Barca fans got shattered.  
Neymar scores a free kick and then a penalty 3 minutes after. The scores get equal.
Neymar chips the ball into the penalty box and Sergi Roberto stabs the ball into the goal with the last kick of the game. It was truly a unforgettable match.
Barca’s manager Enrique said ‘I don’t think anyone stopped believing’. 

By Nauman Atif, Junior Journalist from the Atfal Trainee Scheme

16th May 2020