My Take: Respecting beliefs of other people

On the 23rdFebruary 2020, Huzur inaugurated the Darus Salaam (Abode of peace) mosque in Southall which is the first Ahmadi mosque in this area.
Huzur gave an address to 150 dignitaries where he talked about the importance of mosque. Huzur explained how the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam showed respect for the customs and beliefs of others. Huzur stated:

 β€œThe Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings be upon him) was elected as the Head of State. In this role, he spared no effort in ensuring that the rights of all peoples and communities – no matter whether they were Jews, Christians or tribal people who followed their own customs – were upheld and protected.”

May Allah enable Ahmadis to continue to build mosques which may become beacons of light for the surrounding area? Inshallah.

By Saqib Jajja, Junior Journalist from the Atfal Trainee Scheme

17th May 2020