RAMADHAN: The hardest month of lockdown

This month, Ramadhan is happening, but because of Coronavirus, everybody must do Taraweeh and Iftaar at home. There are no prayers in the mosque, no Itekaaf during the final ten days and then no Eid in the mosques either. 
So, what is the hardest part for Muslims in lockdown, during this holy month of Ramadhan?
My uncle, Mr. Abdullah, stated the lack of connection with the mosque and not being able to pray behind Huzoor was very troublesome.

For my Aunt, Mrs Hussein, it is also not being able to see her loved ones; “I can’t see my children; my children can’t see me. On both sides, it’s devastating.” 
Eid includes family, and Muslims usually spend quality time with their loved ones. Without doubt, these unexpected changes in Ramadhan and Eid celebration will bring sadness to many people.
by Nuruddin Jheengoor, Junior Journalist from the Atfal Trainee Scheme                
21st May 2020