MY TAKE: Amin Ceremony with Huzoor

It was my turn. I was very nervous. 
I slowly moved towards beloved Huzoor. 
It was the day of my Amin ceremony, where I would complete the reading of the Holy Quran with beloved Huzoor. After salat, the children who had their Amin were told to sit in order waiting their turn. Just the honour to sit with Huzoor had filled my heart. After I had finished the verse, beloved Huzoor said: ‘Well done’.
That was April 2011, when I was six. Now that I am older, I wonder about how lucky I was to enjoy beloved Huzoor’s precious time. In one of Huzuoor’s classes he said that he signs 500-600 letters per day as well as numerous mulaqats and other duties lasting from morning till late at night. As his respected son, Sahibzada Mirza Waqas Ahmad recently wrote in Al Hakam, ‘We are stunned when Huzoor takes time to attend to us and our childen.’
So, looking back on fond memories of my Amin, I asked my mother, Mrs Rehman, how Huzoor has any time for us. She responded: ‘God helps his appointed ones. Respected Huzoor cares so much for his Jama’at that his love is even more than my love for you.’  
When I asked my father what his opinion was on Huzoor’s time spent with children, he replied, ‘Huzoor treats and loves all children almost like they are his own.’

by Sheraz Ahmed, Junior Journalist with the Atfal Trainee Scheme
30th May 2020