Mixed emotions as Tifl returns to school during lockdown

My brother is in year 6 and is very happy that he doesn’t have to take his exams. However, when he found out that he would be one of the first to return to school, he was scared but excited. He was scared because it had been 2 months since he had last gone to school. He was excited that he was going to see his friends that he was so used to seeing. BBC News has reported that 46% of parents will keep their children at home. When he returned home he told me of his day.

Classes have been divided into halves; children have to line up 2m away from each other, school timings have been changed and children only go in for three days, children only bring in one bottle and that bottle stays in school and children have to change their uniform every day. When Julia, a mum was asked by the BBC why she sent her child to school she replied, ‘I was 10% worried but 90% thinking it was the right thing to do.’ When I asked the same thing to my mum, Mrs Rehman, she said, ‘I thought about it a lot but eventually thought that the government knows best.’

When my brother, Faris came back from school I asked him what he thought of his day, he said,’I wish I didn’t have to go to school. I wasn’t even allowed to come too close to my friends.’ As of 22 May, about 244,000 children were attending school in England-only 2.6% of the total number of pupils.

by Sheraz Ahmed, Junior Journalist with the Atfal Trainee Scheme

05th June 2020