MY TAKE: Ramadan & Eid during Lockdown

Ramadan And Eid was different this year because of the pandemic. Me and my family celebrated it at home and it did not feel normal.

Normally during the Holy month me, my friends and my family find it a normal occurrence to go to the mosque to break our fasts. This is because we dearly love the mosque and love to pray there.

At Suhoor me and my family would read tahajjud prayer and then make food. In my house we would usually have Lassi, Omelette and a few leftovers-such as Pasta or Chicken. After we ate we would offer Fajr prayers. Later we would go upstairs to go back to sleep.

Eid was a pleasure. In my family it is tradition that we have Rasmalai every Eid. My parents make everything and put it in a decorated, big, glass bowl before putting it in the fridge the night before the special day.

On the day of Eid we ate the Rasmalai for breakfast. Then we read Eid prayers which were led by my brother.

Before the virus outbreak happened me and my family planned to go out and eat at a restaurant for Eid. As this could not happen we made a giant feast at home instead. We made: Egg-Fried Rice, Grilled Chicken, Lamb Chops, Lamb Karahi and also had Watermelon Slices.

by Faris Ahmad, Junior Journalist with the Atfal Trainee Scheme

05th June 2020