Islam & Education

In the UK, most children have still not returned to school due to the lockdown measures. With learning now online or at home, Atta Ul Wadood (12) had researched Islam’s teachings on education.

When the Holy Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad Peace And Blessings Of God Be Upon Him the first word revealed was “Ikra” which means to read. The word “Ikra” has many meanings such as read recite, proclaim, convey and collect. All of these words signify an aspect of either reading or knowledge. If knowledge is mentioned in the very first revelation then surely a new era was about to begin where knowledge and reading are vital.

The prayer رَبِّ زِدْنِیْ عِلْمًا means “Oh my Lord increase me in Knowledge”. If we are praying to God for good knowledge then surely we are praying for something good and important. This is how important education is. Without an education we are nothing in our lives and without an education we cannot be successful.

May Allah (God) enable us all to serve the Jamaat in the highest capacity and for us all to have good knowledge Ameen.

20th June 2020