MY TAKE: Social & Racial Equality

With the unfortunate death of George Floyd, a young African-American man who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, protests and demonstrations are were held across the world in anger and disapproval at the discriminations being exhibited towards racial minorities, especially in the USA. 

In such circumstances, Ahmadi Muslims turn to the Blessed Teachings of Islam, as propagated by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

“No Arab has any superiority over a non-Arab, nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab. Nor does a white man have any superiority over a black man, or the black man any superiority over the white man. You are all the children of Adam, and Adam was created from clay.”

The Hadith mentioned above highlights the importance of social and racial equality. It is paramount moral teaching that we should treat each other as equals, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

Allah tells us in the Holy Qur’an about diversity in life and that we should develop humility and humbleness, because they are the some of the noblest qualities in the eyes of Allah. This is stated in the Holy Qur’an:

“O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female; and We have made you into tribes and sub-tribes that you may recognize one another. Verily, the most honourable among you, in the sight of Allah, is he who is the most righteous among you. Surely, Allah is All-knowing, All-Aware.” (Quran 49:14).

This means that the best of us, in the eyes of Allah, are those who observe Taqwa and adopt righteousness; race and ethnicity are immaterial.

I hope and pray that we, as Ahmadi Muslims, attain the blessings of Allah by working together to form a brotherhood, a moral understanding where we realise that race, religion and ethnicity are no reason to discriminate against each other and that all of us are equal in the eyes of Allah. Ameen.

by Sajeel Shah, Lower Morden

14th July 2020