Virtual Atfal Rally 2020: Patience of the Holy Prophet (sa)

The themes of this weekend’s Virtual Atfal Rally 2020 include the Life of the Holy Prophet (sa) and the life of the Promised Messiah (as). So, Tahir Magazine is delighted to present articles on each of these topics. Here, Raza Mirza from Worcester Park has researched on the perfect patience and character of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) from his biography.

Early Life

In 570 AD the Holy Prophet ﷺ was born in Mecca. He faced many hardships in life starting from his birth. His father, Abdullah passed away just a few months before his birth. His mother Amina looked after him for a mere 6 years and the she also passed away. After this Muhammad ﷺ lived with his paternal grandfather. Only two years on and at the age of 8 he now also lost his grandfather. Can you imagine the pain of loosing your loved ones who are your whole world at this tender age? His uncle, Abu Talib now became his guardian.

Adult Life and Prophethood

At the age of Forty he was chosen by Allah to be a Prophet to spread the teachings of Islam. The new religion of Islam was a challenge and many in Mecca accepted the challenge as enemies of the prophet. They decided not to meet arguments with arguments but to draw the sword and put down the dangerous teachings of Islam by force. A most cruel campaign began. Men and women were slaughtered brutally who embraced Islam, slaves who accepted Islam were dragged over burning sand and stones.

The Holy prophet ﷺ himself was no exception to the cruel treatment given to the faithful. On one occasion when he was in prostration, they laid the entrails of a camel on his back. Persecution became even more serious and unbearable. The Meccans decided to boycott the Muslims for 3 long years. After the boycott ended Holy Prophet’s wife Khadija died of poor health and his uncle a month later.

Meeting and preaching seemed impossible. This made the Holy Prophet (sa) sad. He decided to go elsewhere to preach. A place called Ta’if sixty miles south of Mecca, Soon the word got out and the people of Taif did not give him a chance either and set the gangs of the town to follow him out of the town by throwing stones at him. The Holy Prophet (sa) was bleeding from head to toe when an angel descended on him and asked him if he would like him to destroy the town, but the Holy Prophet (sa) said, “No”.

Mecca became an unbearable and deadly hostile hometown for the Holy Prophet (sa) who was forced to migrate to Medina.

On leaving Mecca he said, “Mecca though you are dearer to me than any other place in the world, but thy people would not let me live here.”

Personal Trials

The Holy Prophet ﷺ not only faced hardships in his life as a prophet, but he also went through painful events in his personal life too. After marriage he had to bear the loss of several children On one occasion he saw a woman wailing over the death of her child. He told her to be patient and to accept Gods will. The women didn’t know that she was being comforted by the Holy Prophet ﷺ and said, “If you ever have suffered the loss of a child as I have, you would have realised how difficult it is to be patient under such an affliction”. To this the Holy Prophet ﷺ replied,” I have suffered the loss of not one but seven children.”

Despite all the trials, we find the Holy Prophet (sa) always responded with patience and prayer and so Allah the Almighty blessed him with the ultimate victory. May we all learn lessons from his life and be able to follow in his footsteps. Amin.
24th July 2020