My Take: Are You Slouching?

Fareed Ahmed, Baitun Noor Region 

Have you heard of an Upright Buzzer? 

Well, it is a handy, posture tracking gadget that vibrates when the wearer slouches. Sounds cool! 

It can be worn at the top of the back, near the neck with the help of either a  default sticky pad or a neckband. It is linked to your smartphone and provides daily data in percentage of how good or bad your sitting position was throughout the day.

COVID-19 has brought new normals in our lives. With extended lockdown, there is too much screen time because of home schooling, work from home, Zoom meetings, Google-Meet etc. It is not ideal for our spine, so we should take care of our posture otherwise we can get backaches, neck pain and other muscular issues . 

Upright Buzzer helps us to be conscious of our posture. It reminds us to be careful of our sitting position. Although it’s a cool way to keep a check on ourselves but it’s not the ultimate solution.

The main aim should be to limit screen time to essential work. During breaks give your body a stretch, get involved in sports, exercise daily and go for a nice walk.

Our beloved Imam, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmed (aba) always encourages us to make exercise a daily part of our lives.

Always remember the Hadith:

“A strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak believer.” 

So stay active, be fit and remain healthy.

16th February 2021