The New Age of Education

COVID19 has affected all of us at home in these troubled times, as a result the world has turned towards the web. With online meetings as well as online studying the internet has become a vital lifeline. Today I will be writing to you about the advantages and disadvantages of learning online.

First of all; the advantages of online learning. Online learning is a way of taking lessons with ease and from within the comfort of your own home. By studying online, we majorly reduce the use of transport which therefore contributes to a greener and healthier world! There are more advantages of online learning, I will do my best to fit them all in. With online learning we decrease the chance of spreading the virus to our class fellows and teachers aiding in reducing the spread of the virus and in the long run resulting in saving lives! We all know the virus cannot walk through screens so we now have a less chance of getting COVID19 and spreading it to our loved ones. At home we don’t have to worry about what we will have to face on our journey to school (such as the weather), we are safe from getting our clothes wet or worrying about bus times and saving our parents the hassle of lunch and lastly enjoying food at home whenever we want!

Now moving to online learnings disadvantages. Online learning is causing us to be unable to focus on lessons due to students having too much freedom. Personally, I find it hard to focus on lessons in school which makes it worse behind the screens. Online school is a safe way to take lessons but there are some faults in it for example less physical exercise in online school but in schools there is a chance for you to walk, take part in physical exercise etc. now the teachers lack in having a better understanding of a student’s abilities and their areas of improvements which makes tracking progress a harder job. In online learning no one has an eye on the students but when in school teachers have an eye on the student making sure the student is not messing about. In online learning no one really knows what the student is doing behind a screen.

Freedom is limitless.

So overall it is a debate that has around the same number of advantages and disadvantages. However, during unprecedented times, it is us doing our part in saving lives!

Perhaps some ways that we can ensure that we are taking full advantage of the online schooling system is to always remember that as members of Atfalul Ahmadiyya, we must be role models and exemplars to other students – as a result, we must ensure that we are responsible with the freedom being given to us, by ensuring we are doing our homework and class work on time with full dedication. Also, we must ensure we keep ourselves active by exercising at home and eating a healthy diet.

13th March 2021