Happiness Breeds Happiness: A Counterintuitive Way to Cheer Up When You’re Down

Research shows not only that you can bring joy to others even if you’re unhappy, but also that doing so is a reliable way to improve your own well-being too. That doesn’t come naturally to most of us, however, to our detriment. To make a change, we can start by understanding how the process works so we can build better habits and consciously commit to giving happiness when we most need it.

There is a phenomenon called ‘Rockwell’s formula’, the idea is to be happy so the people around you stay happy and don’t have an influence of you, also it is to paint your life story. So, paint your longing. Even if not literally, you can use the Rockwell formula in your own life to bring more joy to yourself and the people around you when you are down.

Firstly, ask yourselves what a happy person in you would do, had they been in your life situation to make things better for themselves. How would they greet others in the first Zoom call of the day? How would they write an email? Whom would they call just to check in? If you’re stuck, interview those around you about the little things they do for their acquaintances and loved ones.

Next, make a plan to follow through on everything you just imagined…and commit to it!

These steps are not a set of direct happiness adjustments; they’re more of a bank shot. By deliberately preparing yourself to cheer up the people around you the way a happy person spontaneously would, you’ll create the conditions by which you can produce your own happiness naturally and give the gift of happiness to others as well!

18th March 2021