Teaching a Donkey

Only humans have the Capacity to Become Pious

The Promised Messiah (as) stated: “The state of a human being’s childhood proves that humans are born just like cows. The difference is that it is in the nature of a human being that he can forsake bad deeds and adopt piety. This quality is exclusive to human beings because animals cannot be educated. Sa’di has narrated one such incident in a poem that a foolish man used to try and educate his donkey and used to strive for this purpose day and night. A doctor passed by and said ‘O Foolish man what are you doing and why do you waste your time and effort pointlessly?’ Meaning that the donkey will not turn into a human being, hence (I fear) that you may become a donkey instead!” (Malfuzat Volume 5, page 266)

09th April 2021