Why Lockdown Made Me Miss Huzoor So Much! #LifeBeforeLockdown

Before March 2020, ‘Pandemic’ ,  ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Lockdown’ were alien words for me . When Covid19 hit the world, our lives were completely changed and even our routinely activities were put on halt.

Before lockdown, every Sunday, my family and I travelled to Islamabad to offer Zuhr prayer behind our beloved Huzoor (aba) and this used to be the highlight of our week. I vividly remember the drive, the excitement, the gates of Islamabad and the serene environment. The most blessed part was to see our beloved Huzoor (aba) coming towards the mosque. Sometimes Huzoor (aba) would look at me and I felt like I was the luckiest person alive!

Offering Salat behind Huzoor (aba) was a blissful experience.  Huzoor’s (aba) illuminated face created a spiritual aura all around the area. What I felt was something words cannot describe. But then the lockdown came and deprived us of this rejuvenating experience.

Our lives felt empty and glum.

This nostalgia hit me hardest on  1st January 2021 as on 1st January 2020 we left our house at pre dawn to offer Fajar behind Huzoor (aba) and this time we were in a complete lockdown.

I can’t wait to go back to Mubarak mosque to offer Salat behind Huzoor (aba). However, as  everything has a good and bad side this teaches us not to take things  for granted. We should try to develop a stronger bond with Khilafat, value it more and try to  follow every word of our beloved Khalifa (aba).  May Allah  enable us to do so.


12th April 2021