Atfal Matters: Salat – The Delight of Our Eyes

Salat is something that I’m sure we are all very familiar with. Allah the Almighty has told us about it through the Quran and through the Holy Prophet (sa). We read it five times a day and it is the perfect way to talk with our Creator and ask Him to fulfil all your wishes. The wording (“Delight of Our Eyes”) is inspired by the following Hadith, Hazrat Anas (ra) reported that the Holy Prophet (sa) said:

Beloved to me in the world are women and perfume, yet the delight of my eyes is in prayer.

This Hadith means that the only way to experience real joy and lasting peace is by performing Salat. The National MKA Ijtema 2023 is just around the corner, and this year’s theme is: Salat – Delight of Our Eyes. Salat, the foundation of our faith, offers countless benefits to the individual. It is a means of connecting with Allah, seeking guidance, and finding inner peace.

Some Atfal may find it difficult to read Namaz consistently. Some excuses may be ‘Schoolwork’ or ‘not enough time’. Nowadays especially, you see more and more children wasting their time on phones. For example, people spend hours on their phones. If you spent just 10 minutes of that time per namaz, you will see the difference in your life. Many Atfal do not read Salat consistently and on time and then wonder why things are not going their way.

In my own experience, I was once studying for an important exam in school. Although I was studying hard and trying my best, I was not very sure that I would do really well. The night before the exam, I went to read Isha. During Sajda, I prayed to Allah the Almighty for success in my test. Due to this one prayer, I felt confident the next day and Alhamdulillah I performed excellently on my test. It is not just about the success in the test, it is the fact that Allah put confidence and inner peace in my heart.

This confidence that Allah the Almighty bestowed upon me, He bestows upon you as well. It is through Salat that you can attain what you wish. In a book written by the Promised Messiah (as) called Lecture Lahore, Huzoor speaks about attaining Paradise through Salat. He writes “God says to them …… Rejoice, for I will grant you in this world the paradise that you have been promised”. What he is saying by quoting this is that that heaven can be attained on Earth and in the hereafter through this wonderful vessel that Allah the Almighty has bestowed upon us.

My dear brothers, In conclusion, we need salat if we want our wishes to be fulfilled. It should be of utmost importance and the ‘Delight of our eyes’.

By Yasir Khan.

27th September 2023