How should we celebrate the New Year?

As the year comes to an end, people across the world begin their preparations for the New Year. When the clock strikes midnight everyone gets in their way of doing unnecessary things, but as an Ahmadi Tifl, the best way we should celebrate the New Year is by:

– Waking up early in the morning to offer Tahajud Prayer at the mosque in congregation, followed by congregation Fajr Prayer.
– Reciting the Holy Quran
– Reciting Durood Shareef (salutations) on the Holy Prophet (sa)
– Writing a letter to Beloved Huzoor (aba)
– Finally, to give Sadqa (charity)

In a Friday Sermon delivered on 30th December 2016, Huzoor (aba) stated:
“Thus, if we spend the last night of the previous year and the new day of the New Year pondering over our spiritual conditions and by spending time supplicating towards Allah then we will be the ones who will be working towards a good life hereafter. And if we also indulge in Worldly Wishes and affairs, then we will lose a lot and gain nothing. If the weakness still prevail and the self-evaluation does not give us peace then we should pray to Allah that the coming year may not be the one that would show us a reduction in spiritual enhancement. Instead our every step should be to gain the pleasure of Allah”.

Towards the end of the sermon, Beloved Huzoor (aba) prayed “May Allah give us the strength and courage to do so, Ameen.”

Finally I would like to wish all my Atfal Brothers a very happy and blessed New Year. May Allah make 2024 full of happiness and blessings, Ameen!

By Imran Ahmad
Age 12

01st January 2024