What can Atfal do to help the oppressed Palestinians?

In recent days, drastic changes have happened across the world. In October 2023, The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) launched an attack on Palestine in response to an attack from Hamas on the people of Israel. The consequences of this war have severely damaged Palestinian infrastructure and has left children and women homeless, hungry, and unsafe. To this day, the war continues, and Palestinians are faced with horrible cruelties every day.

After this sudden event, our Beloved Huzoor, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V (aba) quickly took notice of the hardships Palestinians were enduring. It was on the 13th of October 2023 when Huzoor (aba) requested all Ahmadis to pray for our fellow Muslims and people in Palestine. And since then, Huzoor (aba) has continuously urged us to pray for the situation in Palestine every week.

Now Ahmadis around the globe have been tirelessly asking their local MPs to listen to Huzoor’s (aba) call for peace. Leaflets have been distributed, letters have been written to the authorities, Social Media posts have been made and many other efforts to end this inhumanity.

But how can we as Atfal support this peaceful protest? What can we do to fulfil the words of our Beloved Khalifa and restore peace to the world?

Huzoor (aba) mentioned in a recent Friday Sermon on 5th January 2024,

“I continue to give reminders to pray for Palestine. Remember the people there (in your prayers). Continue to raise your voices for them in your immediate circles and speak to others in this regard, especially politicians, as I mentioned earlier.”

As Huzoor (aba) has mentioned, we need to raise our voices within our own circles. Atfal can assist Jamaat members in handing out leaflets or writing letters to MPs. They can also speak to their school about the message of Ahmadiyyat and how our community is insisting for peace in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. They can also create posters showing this and tell their teachers and friends that our vow to ensure that peace and safety amongst people remains regardless of any war.

I have written a poem demonstrating the action that we need to take as members of Atfal ul Ahmadiyya. This poem was submitted as a school task.

People, O’ People”

“People, o’ people, listen to our plea.

We have to end conflict even if it is our last deed

 People, o’ people, look around you and see

There are people around you who need to be freed

The children in Palestine,

captured for no reason

The hostages in Palestine

Hoping for freedom

Wars raging here and there, damaging worldwide peace

Causing catastrophe, no matter where it be

Wars raging everywhere, destroying what it sees

We can’t let fighting end someone’s glee

But we can, yes we can, we can end this dreadful thing

To do so we have to end our rage

Causing the turbulence to find an ending

And allowing the people to prosper without pain

But people, o’ people, listen to our one last plea

We have to end the conflict, even if it is our last deed.”

However, as a community of Muslims in general, all Ahmadis, old or young should not forget to pray for the world as Huzoor (aba) has instructed us in his Friday Sermons. Every prayer, every moment, we should remember Allah and pray for His people to find peace and end all conflict allowing this terrible cruelty being inflicted on the people of Palestine to come to halt. May Allah enable us to do so. Ameen.

By Aliyan Ahmad Raja
Age 13

07th January 2024