Poem: A cry for peace…

A cry for peace…

By Jalal-ud-Din Shams

A third world war, a specter dire,
Must be quenched, extinguished, expire.

Let diplomacy be the ink we use,
To script a world where peace will fuse.

Learning from errors, let’s stand tall,
History’s lessons, a sacred call.

To build bridges strong, not walls,
And heed the plea, as conscience calls.

No borders forged in hatred’s flame,
But brotherhood that bears no name.

For in our hands, the power lies,
To prevent the tears in future eyes.

To be the architects of a world refined,
Where love and understanding bind.

May this be the anthem that we sing,
A melody of hope on wisdom’s wing.

To break the chains of history’s rhyme,
And build a world where all can shine.

14th January 2024