Poem: A last gasp from the ‘Holy Land’

A last gasp from the ‘Holy Land’

By Jalal-ud-Din Shams

In shadows of the past, where echoes linger,
A plea to hearts, a cry from the singer.

Let history not be a relentless rhyme,
A tale of war, a recurrence of time.

For in the heart of our world, both ancient and new,
Lies a Muslim perspective, clear and true.

This Palestinian who to the eye was so small,
Yet kinder and smarter than those ruling over all.

Looked upon a society slowly crumbling,
But with hope and faith, he was never stumbling,

Amidst the chaos, he found his way,
In the light of dawn, he began his day,

With a prayer on his lips, and a book in hand,
He sought wisdom and peace in this troubled land.

He saw divisions, walls that separate,
But his faith reminded him, it’s never too late.

To bridge the gaps and heal the pain,
In the name of love, we must be humane.

He witnessed intolerance, fear, and hate,
But he knew his religion wouldn’t advocate.

For violence or harm, but rather to share,
Compassion and kindness, to show that we care.

As society crumbles, he stood steadfast,
With a heart that’s pure and a love that will last.

He’s a beacon of hope in a world gone astray,
Teaching tolerance and understanding every day.

In a world that’s changing, with each passing hour,
The Muslim boy’s view is a beautiful flower.

Blossoming in adversity, he sets an example,
Of unity and peace, in a world so ample.

Truly a voice of peace,
That others should make sure will never decease,

So, let us all learn from this boy so wise,
Embrace his perspective, with open eyes,

For in his faith, there’s a message so grand,
To mend our society, hand in hand….

14th January 2024