Atfal Matters: Musleh Maud (ra) Day

On 20th February we celebrate Musleh Maud day. Ahmadi Muslims around the world host Jalsas [gatherings] in commemoration of this day. Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya does not celebrate the birth of Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad (ra), on Musleh Maud day, rather it is commemorated in regard to a fulfilment of a prophecy. 

On 20th February 1886, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) claimed to have received a divine revelation informing him that an exceptionally gifted and pious son would be born to him. This prophecy came to be known as the prophecy of ‘Musleh Maud’. 

This prophecy was lengthy and filled with 52 separate qualities that would be possessed by the child, who would be known as ‘Musleh Maud’-the Promised Reformer. The child would be a direct sign of Allah’s Mercy; he would be handsome and pure; he would be intelligent; he would be blessed with a holy spirit and would be free from all impurity; the son would be the light of Allah; he would heal many ills of this world through his dedicated qualities. 

Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) said: “Everything comes from God, human strength cannot do anything, this is why remember that unless prayers are made in a state of being Muztir (the distressed person), that is, with this belief that it is only God Who fulfils all the needs of the world, they will not be accepted… No man has power to bring about change of hearts, no man has power over change of sentiments; it is only the Being of God Who has power over everything and Who has the power to change hearts and their innermost sentiments. Unless prayer is made in a state of Muztir, unless it is made losing hope with and in everything and with perfect faith in God, it is not accepted. However, when prayer is made in this tenor, it certainly reaches God’s heaven and is definitely accepted.” 

As a Tifl, what I need to do is pray to God Almighty if I ever need anything. When we are praying to Allah, we should have a belief that our prayers will be listened to and fulfilled if said with the emotion Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) described. I have witnessed this whenever I have faced a tough situation and prayed to God Almighty. My heart feels relaxed, and I get through that tough situation because of the change in my heart brought by Allah. 

Personally, after researching about Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) I learnt that he was extremely intelligent, wise and knowledgeable despite not being able to receive an education in his childhood, this was indeed a sign of Allah’s decree. From his very childhood he suffered from redness and swelling of the eyes and as a result was not able to get an education from school, but as mentioned above, Allah had blessed him with knowledge that was superior to what one could get from school. This inspires me as an Ahmadi Muslim because I know that even when life is hard and there is difficulty, I can still achieve anything if I earnestly beseech the help of Allah because ultimately, He is source of all knowledge. I feel grateful about the education that I receive because I have realised that even if you are sick or have some problem you shouldn’t let that stop you from achieving what’s best for you in your life. After learning about this, I personally will take steps to ensure that I am trying my best in school and taking the advantage of the opportunities I am given by Allah. 

By Ata-Ul-Kareem Haaris Rehman, 14. 

20th February 2024