Atfal Matters: Blessed Experiences with Beloved Huzur (aba)

On 4th September 2021, I had the blessed opportunity to attend a
virtual mulaqat with other Khuddam students at Baitul Futuh mosque.
100’s of young Khudaam from across the country came and sat in
the main prayer hall of the mosque to listen to Huzoor’s (aba) blessed
advice and guidance on different questions. By the grace of Allah, I
had the opportunity during this mulaqat to ask a question regarding
my studies and advice Huzoor (aba) had for my first year at university to
which Huzoor (aba) gave me a very personal answer in which I’ll never
forget. Huzoor (aba) mentioned to me the importance of exercise and
being healthy not only as a Khadim but also especially as a future
doctor as it is important to “practice what you preach” and be a good
role model to patients. Furthermore, Huzoor (aba) also said that: “You
should study medicine with the purpose and the main objective to
[…] serve humanity. If you are trying to achieve this goal, then it
means you are successful.”

During the COVID pandemic it seemed like our connection to others
had been lost, so when the opportunity came to sit alongside so many
of my Khuddam brothers was an unmissable opportunity. Moreover,
to be able to listen to Huzoor’s (aba) answers to so many different and
relevant matters to young Khuddam students such as use of social
media, and how to conduct ourselves as Ahmadis in university was an
amazing opportunity.

By Hashim Mirza

30th June 2024