Atfal Matters: Blessings of Ahmadiyyat

Being an Ahmadi child is a tremendous blessing in various ways. It affords us the opportunity to exemplify the values and conduct of Ahmadis, serving as a form of tabligh, or outreach, by demonstrating the true essence of Islam, which often differs from the portrayal in mainstream media.

As an Ahmadi child, I strive to embody the teachings of Islam, which inherently advocate for virtues such as respect for elders. This commitment translates into obedience towards my teachers and other elders alike, thereby reflecting positively on my identity as an Ahmadi. Upholding these values is particularly significant in different environments such as in school and in the mosque, where mutual respect is paramount regardless of race or religion.

Moreover, being part of the Ahmadi community grants us access to various gatherings and events, such as classes and Jalsa. These gatherings not only facilitate spiritual growth but also provide opportunities to forge new connections and strengthen existing bonds with friends and family. This is good as you will start to be happier around the people you know and love.

Furthermore, the fellowship shared among Atfal brothers and adults within the Ahmadi community fosters a sense of unity and belonging. This sense of closeness is undeniably a blessing, as it nurtures meaningful relationships and reinforces the values we all hold near our hearts. Ultimately and most importantly, all benefits of being an Ahmadi are for the purpose of fostering a true and lasting relationship with my Creator, Allah the Almighty.

By Aashir Muhammad.

28th April 2024