MY TAKE: Gardening through the coronavirus crisis

As Covid-19 sweeps the world off their feet, people in Britain and abroad are left with more extra time in quarantine. And with no school or work on the table, more and more people are turning to their gardens for a solution.

Unfortunately, as garden centres are deemed non-essential services, they have been forced to close down. In the time that these centres have taken to introduce a sufficient delivery service, millions of pounds worth of plants have been lost. In addition to all this, pre-existing online delivery services are crippling under the sheer amount of orders they are getting. They are being forced to close to clear all the backlog, just to keep up with all the orders.

And for the usual home gardeners, they are having to be innovative, swapping seeds online, planting old seeds and even going as far as to planting seeds from kitchen scraps!

There’s no telling when the coronavirus pandemic will truly end, but in the meantime, home gardeners and gardening companies will have to find a way to cooperate in these unparalleled times.

By Nur Ud Din Jheengoor, from the Atfal Trainee Scheme’s Junior Journalist Course
25th April 2020